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Whenever your vehicle breaks down, or you are involved in an accident, there is generally a need to call for some kind of assistance. The most frequently encountered phone calls are to towing companies such as ours. This is because we have knowledgeable and expert technicians and we are equipped with all the vehicles needed to handle all situations that have left you stranded on the side of this road. Locating fast, friendly, and dependable flatbed towing in Marvel Towing has not been easier when you have acquainted yourself with our staff and services. We will be able to determine exactly what type of vehicle that is towing we ought to ship to your location that will supply you with the very best service available. The 2 different forms of towing services that we offer are flatbeds & wheel-lifts. If you need further information, regarding the advantages of these various kinds of towing services and we’re going to give you comprehensive details so you are able to make an informed choice.

Wheel lift towing

After the majority of people think about having Marvel Towing Towing, the image commonly pictured is wheel lift. This form of towing is done when both rear or front wheels of their damaged vehicle are hooked to this truck, and lifted off the floor. This kind of towing is great for small hauls that only need the car to be taken a short distance to a repair shop or home. This is also the optimal way to transfer cars or lightweight trucks and vans.


Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing is utilized for a range of other reasons that include the weight, or so the make and model of the motor car. Vehicles transported by this manner are able to have each of their wheels secured, instead of the traditional technique of chains placed on the front and rear of the automobile. The reason people pick this style of towing would be the layout of the automobile requires no additional weight to be placed on one end of the vehicle, as happens with wheel lift towing. There are instances when wheel lifts isn’t the ideal choice for particular types of vehicles or vehicles in certain ailments. In such cases, the most suitable choice for hauling the automobile from one location to another is a flatbed truck. Flatbed trucks are intended to haul larger vehicles, vehicles with no working tires, or vehicles that require all for tires to be up off the ground. This form of transporting vehicles is the ideal choice for long-distance travel jobs.

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